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Environmental issues these days are life threatening, thus natural disasters such as flood, earthquake, drought, landslides, hurricanes, global warming, climate change etc. occur. Thus, it is of great importance for us to execute appropriate conservation and sustainable development strategies in attempt to minimize if not stop the destruction of Mother Nature. SPHI healthcare givers are not only responsible of the people entrusted to their care, but also to the environment where we all live in.

In light of this, SPHI in collaboration of the Department of Environment and Natural resources (DENR) Environmental Management Bureau (EMB), held an in-service education entitled: “GREEN: Ways to protect” last May 15, 2015 at SPICE 3rd Floor Conference Room and on June 5, 2015 at Mere Marie Anne de Tilly Conference Hall, which was attended by employees and staff of St. Paul’s Hospital of Iloilo, Inc.

Speakers of the said talk, Mr. Rabbie Chris H. Carvajal; EMB Information Officer and Miss Josephine J. Gallo, EMB Specialist; reminded the healthcare givers of the simple ways on how they can contribute in saving Mother Earth. These simple ways were often times ignored because of the busy lifestyle that people have nowadays. However, Mr. Carvajal emphasized that doing our little share everyday could make a big difference for now is the right time for us to start doing our share in protecting Mother Earth, God’s gift to us.

SPHI Holds Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Program Review


Disasters are inevitable and unpredictable. Our readiness when these occur is at most importance. Many lives will be saved if we are prepared and we know what to do. To build awareness among the hospital staff and personnel, the institution conducts a yearly Disaster Simulation Drill. Prior to the drill a review of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management program is initiated so that employees will be reminded and learn the important matters with regards to the do's and don'ts in rescue operation. The said activity was realized with series of lectures on April 15, 17, 22, and 30, 2015. The Hospital's Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Team holds the review to both old and new staff and personnel. Our patient is our topmost priority and so we continuously better not just our services but as well the preparedness of our staff in responding to disasters for the protection of  lives entrusted to our care. It is everybody's job to be responsible of one another.


SPHI holds 1st Research Awareness Week

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Research is important. Institutions have seen the benefit of institutionalizing research in their workplace and St. Paul's Hospital of Iloilo is among the many organizations who has started making research a norm in the workplace. It was on September 2013 that our Administrator, Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco, SPC saw the importance of initializing research based programs and studies, after which the Research and Development Office was established.In our practice for an excellent and innovative healthcare, it is but fitting to involve research based concepts, thus, evidence based practices are what we are aspiring to apply. However, for some of us research is a foreign concept. Not all of us have a clear understanding or at least has knowledge of research, thus, SPHI launched its 1st Research Awareness Week last April 6-8, 2015. An overview of research, Good Clinical Practices workshop, presentation of ongoing research/clinical trials of healthcare givers were part of the awareness program. Individuals who are experts in research and clinical trial were the resource speakers of the tree-day campaign. Through this, we introduce research not only to the health professionals but to our employees in the offices.

The efforts made by the Administration is dubbed as "Progress Pacing"- we are ushered into a healthcare system that composes quality, Christ-centeredness, and evidenced based. With this in mind, Research will no longer be a "feared" lingo among the employees but rather a tool to be used for the betterment of our healthcare services.

SPHI hosts the SPCHCM Strategic Planning Cascade Workshop

IMG_8332 St. Paul's Hospital of Iloilo hosted the St. Paul of Chartes Health Care Ministry (SPCHCM) Planning Cascade Workshop last February 26-28 , 2015 from 8AM-4PM held at the 3rd Floor SPICE Conference Room. The main objectives of the said workshop is to understand and align the SPC Health Care Ministry Vision, Mission , Values and Strategic directions  as well as to draw up Hospital-level Specific, Measurable, Achievable/ Accountable, Result-oriented  & Time bound (SMART) Objectives . Mr. Jose Eduardo Abadesco was the resource speaker of the said 3-day workshop. Hospital administrator, Sr. Rosamond Marie Abadesco  and SPHI participants gave a warm welcome to the delegates who came all the way from Dalaguete Cebu, Dasmarinas Cavite and General Santos City   to join the Cascade Workshop. They are from Julio Cardinal Rosales Memorial Hospital headed by Sr. Reginald Pastrana, SPC, General Santos Doctors Hospital ,  headed by Sr. Elvira Ibardolaza, SPC and St. Paul's Hospital of Cavite  led by Sr. Arcilita Sarnillo, SPC. The 3-day cascade seminar  indeed gave the participants a challenging time to brainstorm and re-evaluate the SWOT analysis, it also provided a comprehensive knowledge in aligning the Key End Results to  SPCHCM Priorities. It even tested the delegates' skills in writing, presenting and validating the SMART objectives. With the support of the hospital administrators,  the outputs of the delegates had been validated  and will be carried out in their respective hospitals.      

SPHI Celebrates its 104th Founding Anniversary



In the year 1904, a group of SPC Sisters came to Iloilo to answer their call for mission. Fast forward, St. Paul's Hospital Iloilo is now on its 104th year of healing the body and nurturing the spirit. To celebrate this milestone, the SPHI family took a break from work and had "Fun Under the Sun". The series of personnel outing kicked-off last February 15, 2015. The celebration started with a mass at the Hospital Chapel officiated by Msgr. Paul Solomia followed by the personnel outing at the beach which was attended by hospital personnel and Sisters. This is the perfect time for the SPHI family to bond and get their Rest & Relaxation after work. Fun games and feast were enjoyed by the participants. As one Paulinian community, we continue to commit ourselves to serve our brothers and sisters. It is the love of Christ that impels us!

SPHI Celebrates Heart Month